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Work with me

My unique coaching style, which combines science with spirituality, has allowed me to help countless 1:1 clients to bring about change and transformation in their lives.

Private coaching

Private coaching is for women who are ready to explore, challenge and rewire their thought process and the patterns holding them back from bringing about change in their lives.

During our private coaching sessions, we will dive deep to get clear on what your needs, wants and desires are and how you can best go about things in order to prioritize them.

During our coaching sessions you will learn to prioritize your needs, wants and desires by releasing guilt, shame and fear by reconnecting with your feminine energy.

Through coaching you will receive the most effective strategies, tools, resources, practices and guidance to help support you on your transformation journey. I will help get you out of your head and back in touch and tune with your body. Coaching is a means to help you find sustainable solutions to the limiting beliefs and stories that have been holding you back.

Aim of private coaching

  • To help you prioritize your needs, wants and desires
  • To help you release feelings like guilt, shame and fear when it comes to prioritizing yourself
  • To help you to set healthy boundaries in order to prioritize yourself
  • To help get you out of your head and back in touch with your body
  • To help you find a sense of inner calm and contentment
  • To help you to get in touch and express your feelings and emotions
  • To bring about balance between your feminine and masculine energy
  • To explore the thought patterns holding you back and create new and sustainable beliefs and patterns to help you live your best life

What you will receive

3 Months of private coaching:

  • 12 x 60 minutes private coaching sessions in-person and/or via Zoom
  • Educational material + exercises
  • Action steps after each coaching session