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Hi, I’m Kristel.

Allow me to introduce myself and share a little bit about me. My journey began in my mid-teens, thanks to my mom. She was the one who had introduced me to spirituality, yoga, meditation and a couple of other healing modalities. In my early twenties I was consuming books by Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. I became more and more fascinated by the power we have within us to bring about change and transformation to our lives.

When my first relationship ended and I’d completed my studies (MSc in Health Sciences and BSc in Nutrition and dietetics) I felt that something was missing. I felt that there had to be more to the life I was living. I felt somewhat out of touch with myself, my body, my feelings and emotions. I was living very much from my head.

This was the moment when I actively started to integrate and implement what I had been reading about regarding spirituality and personal development a few years prior.

The books I’d been consuming regarding spirituality and personal development were not only serving me but also the clients and patients I’d be guiding in the days that I worked as a dietician.

During my consults with my clients and patients I would use what is now known as coaching principles and techniques. This was when my love and passion for coaching developed itself.

I felt the need to go deeper and decided that the time had come to get my coaching certification. It was then and there that I decided that I was going to become a life coach. I wanted to help and guide others as they embarked on their journey of self-discovery. I was passionate when I came to guiding people in becoming the best version of themselves.

Fast forward to 2019. This was the year in which my gynecologist told me that I needed fibroid removal surgery and it was also the year in which my mom passed away unexpectedly. During this time I was forced to once again ask myself what I wanted out of life. I noticed that I had to live life differently. I was carrying around emotions and beliefs that were no longer serving me and it was time to release them. And so begins my journey as a feminine embodiment coach. A life coach but with a passion to help ambitious women live more consciously and consistently in their bodies by re-establish the connection between their mind and body.

Allow me to guide you on your journey of coming back into connection with yourself and rediscovering the beauty of life. Allow me to guide you in releasing guilt, shame and fear in order to bring about change and transformation and to create the life you’ve been longing for.