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Kristel helped me to reprogram my thoughts and habits to create better onees. This takes time and effort and only you can make a difference in your life if you put in the time. Kristel is an amazing coach and motivator. She has the tools to breakdown any problem, make it easy to digest, understand and then find a long-term solution. She will help you create new positive habits. I believe in the benefits of a life coach and would recommend anybody to take the time for yourself and self-improvement. – I. de Vries 

At some point in life you face certain decisions you need to make. Kristel contributed a lot in my process to move into the next chapter of my life. Prior to my sessions with Kristel, y mind was full of thoughts which resulted in me feeling down and with less energy. The coaching sessions with Kristel helped me to get my mind straight and to build up my courage to make certain decisions. Kristel asks the right questions and focusses on possibilities and your strengths. I recommend a life coach to all women because it helps to improve their view of their self-image and to develop more trust in themselves. The sessions helped me to grow and become stronger in my personal- and professional life. – M. Scholte Lubberink 

I have noticed a noticeable difference that I now take time to listen to my body, my thoughts and to verbalize my feelings. I am not in my head as much. What is awesome about having a coach is that you have another positive energy source, a believer and a supporter cheering you on and magnifying your prayers to the universe to release your blessings. What an act of love. Thank you Kristel. – L. Romano